General rules


Working with GitHub

All projects sources are kept in GitHub.

We are using A successful Git branching model for development and branches management.

Building and development

In case you want to build project locally and test some changes, you should do git clone, and then work with your local copy.

In case you are going to implement new feature or fix a bug, you should fork our repo fork to your git account and work there. After you've done your changes, please use GitHub feature Pull Request. Please, add detailed description for your changes - via pull request message or (which is preferable) via commit messages in your repo. We will review your code and apply it to Histone project.

Task and bug tracker




Requirements to build: (Maven3+)

How to build: mvn clean package

More details in Wiki



More details in Wiki



Requirements to build: (Phing 2.x)

How to build: phing clean test distrib

More details in Wiki



Requirements to build: (Maven3+)

Howt o build: mvn clean package

More details in Wiki

Histone and Sublime Text 2


Now you can use Histone template language syntax highlighting in wonderful Sublime Text 2 editor. Just download and install Sublime Text 2 plugin for Histone template engine, using instructions which is located on this page.Read more »

Histone - live playground


Good news! Now you can easily try Histone in our new application, that allows you to run template processing right in your favorite web - browser. Just open an application using the link below, put template code in the editor that is placed on the left side of the application window and press "Execute". Template processing result will be printed on the right side of the application window. To change the resultRead more »

Histone 1.0-M1 (beta)


We’re proud to announce you the release of the first milestone of version 1.0. This milestone is the first one and it’s going to be the base for the future release, that will follow after intensive testing phase and bug fixing. Syntax basics as well as developer’s API won’t be affected tremendously in the future milestones of the version 1.0. If you’re interested in this project roadmap, please spend someRead more »

Project blog


We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce Histone project’s blog. We’re going to use this blog to post an information about the new releases, important changes in the functionality and lots of examples that shows how to use Histone in your web - applications. You can learn more about the project in our documentation. We have a bug - tracking system that you can use to let us knowRead more »